The Hosford & Co. Motorized Rotary Gun Rack allows you to display your vintage firearms to a level that their craftsmanship deserves. Our rack will make your ten best guns the center of attention. For each rotation of the rack, every gun rotates 4 times ensuring a full 360 degree view of each gun from any position. The Motorized Rotary Rack can take any corner of your gun room and turn it into the focal point of your collection as easily as it can be the center piece of the room itself. With the tap of the foot pedal, the rack comes to a smooth halt allowing you to easily remove any gun for inspection. With another tap the fluid motion of the rack can resume. The bill of materials for this rack was specifically tailored to compliment and accent the craftsmanship, vintage and aesthetic values found on the guns that this rack is intended to display. Polished bronze, Turkish walnut and pin striped cast iron insure that this revolutionary rack holds to a period-proper feel while complimenting your collection in fitting light.

The concept for the Motorized Rotary Gun Rack was conceived at the 2012 EWA show in Nuremberg Germany. Like most great achievements it started off as a simple “what if” conversation based around an existing product. The idea was simple, could the current Hosford & Co. Rotary Rack allow for the rotation of the individual guns? After some thought we realized that it would be a great way to display all sides of every gun on the rack without requiring any handling of the rack or the guns themselves. Since the Rack would be the perfect display for not only show rooms but private collections as well we decided to try our hand at motorizing one.

The first step in motorizing a Rotary Rack was sorting out a motor and drive system. After much testing we settled on a high reduction system that rotates the rack at a nice leisurely 2 rpm. For the sake of safety we decided to drive the rack with a friction drive system. This system works like a clutch to allow the rack to be easily stalled in the event that an obstruction occurs. This system also allows a person to easily stall the rack to look at a gun.

Once the motor and drive systems were sorted out we turned to Stephen Proctor to build a cabinet for the base. The cabinet was designed to house the motor and drive system as well as to provide an attractive base for the rack to sit on. Stephen is a world renowned English woodworker who currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When we came to him with this project we had ideas of what we were looking for but after the initial concepts were nailed down we let the master go to work. We provided Stephen with four Turkish walnut gun stock blanks and in return he delivered us an over the top book matched fluted cabinet with Turkish walnut flutes and a beautifully laid out black walnut top and base.

The real trick with building this rack was figuring out how to rotate the guns themselves. In this case the secret turns out to be bevel gears and a lot of them. 31 bevel gears and 10 drive shafts later we had developed a system to rotate half of the guns in a clockwise fashion and the other half in a counter clockwise fashion while the entire rack rotates. The butt of the guns ride in felt lined black walnut cups. The cups pivot to allow different stock configurations to securely rest in it. The barrels are secured in a felt lined bronze ring by a rubber covered pair of tongs. The tongs are spring loaded and self-centering. To ensure that no rubbing or wear occurs to the barrels both the upper ring and lower cup pivot on the same axis. This is the reason the guns sit vertically in this rack where as they are leaned to the center in our standard Rotary Rack.

This rack was built as a custom piece with the intent of displaying some of the many capabilities and features which Hosford & Co. is able to incorporate into custom ordered racks and displays. While it is not a stock item this one of a kind Motorized Rotary Gun Rack is for sale for $40,000.00.

We are able and willing to tailor to the needs of your collection as well as to the configurations that you would like your collection displayed. We are able to build free standing, wall mounted, motorized, secured and many other forms of displays and racks. For more information on our custom racking and display options please email
or call.