The Hosford & Co. Power Checkering Tool was created to fill a need in the custom gun stocking industry. The tool features a unique guide with a detented offset adjustment of .0025”. This makes it extremely easy to change the number of lines per inch and return precisely to each setting with confidence. Our carbide cutters are specially designed to cut cleaner with less burning and burr than other cutters. They also feature an abrasion resistant coating to greatly improve the life of the cutter. Our cutters are retained by a nut, which produces much higher concentricity than soldered insert cutters. This method of attachment combined with our unique guide allows for an unobstructed view of the back of the cutter, giving the user a much better picture of the work area.

The Power Checkering Head can be supplied along with an N.S.K. electric or air drive system. Hosford & Co. also offers an adaptor to fit our Power Checkering Head to a Foredom shaft drive tool. The Hosford & Co. Power Checkering Tool is offered in both left and right-hand configurations. Hosford & Co. is currently producing two different cutter options, 75° x .040” and 90° x .050”. More cutter options are expected to come. Our cutters can be used on other power checkering tools that will accept our retention nut.

Power Checkering Tool on a Foredom adaptor w/ 1 cutter - $950

Power Checkering Tool w/ NSK electric or air drive w/ 1 cutter - $1950

Cutter - 75° x .040” - $120 Cutter - 90° x .050” - $120